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i used the following Material for prep:

- Mike Meyers' CompTIA Security+ Certification
- Comptia Security+ Get Certified by Darril Gibson ( the extra MP3s you can pay/download from his site )

first of all ive to say that the MP3s are MORE then sensless, the speaker talks too fast and its impossible
to grab any valuable informations.

im browsing around this forum for a while ( passive ) and i was thinking when everybody is recommending Darril Gibsons
Books they are MAYBE usefull but sadly they are not.

if you use the latest book for studying for the 301 Exam you WILL fail. i had 9 simulations which are completly new ( no sign of that at his blogs or somewhere in the books/mp3s). the other book i mentioned before is a complete waste of time because its so unstructured.

contrary to several statements at the blog and in both books, there are much more questions about how to manage/avoid/transfer risks then security at all.

its not the money aspect which annoys me, its this.....misguiding aspect. i`m not new to exams ( MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, MCITP EA, CCSA, VCP, LPIC1, LPIC2 etc ) but this time i failed because i was believing that it is about security - its not.

so i guess better luck next time, just my 2 cents on that topic.


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