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Hello is my first post here. Fresh Cisco CCNA certificated and I will continue in the branch of the certifications area networking, Microsoft Server 2012 can be a feasible solution. Unfortunately I can not participate in a new course and living in Italy I still have difficulties in learning from online classes such as those CBTNuggets. On the net there is so much material, I'm going to use books mspress for each exam but short on practice tests that are the fundamental part. Someone knows where to find materilas including practices?


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    The MS-Press books are not likely to provide sufficient information to pass the test and judging by the poor quality of the one in print at the moment for the 70-410 exam, you would be better without them at all. The CBT Nuggets is better, but still will not cover everything. You need to set up a test environment to get some hands-on experience and perhaps look at what TechNet is offering. Also there are likely to be better training books out in the next two months or so, if you can wait.
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    Ok, I'm currently using the free ebook "Introducing Win Server 2012", I also have the ms press material from torrent but it seems poor exercises. I can wait and find something better certainly but I would like to have on hand some practice tests .

    Also not clear to me this: Win Server 2012 MCSA certification has a validity time and it will have to renew? And MCSA 2008?
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    MCSA on 2008 and 2012 do not "expire".. which means they do not have a recertification requirement to stay valid. They are valid as long as the OS they coorespond to is supported, after that time they become "legacy" certifications.

    MCSE and above now have re-certification requirements every 3 years I believe.
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    cbt nuggets has some good material?
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    CBTNuggets for Windows Server 2012 are great if you are going for the certification route. I consider more in depth compared to Trainsignal.
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