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I'm getting ready to take Security+. I was actually going to schedule it and stopped to have a quick look through the forum. I'm shocked to see people failing it seems due in part to these simulated questions. I sat an exam back home years ago that had simulated questions and unless answered exactly in the right order it'd fail you on that question. Any chance these questions on the Security+ exam are the same?

I've been reading Mr Gibson's book and found it a great source so far. I've also read Security+ Passport. The only thing I'm lacking is a good source of practice tests I can take online or from a CD. It's a good way for me to identify any weak points and brush up it also gets me in the right mindset for how to answer the questions the right way. This is usually what I do about a week or so before I sit an exam. I have to admit after hearing of people failing and of course being afraid to fail myself I'm more determined to go in there and take on this exam.

It's been a number of years since I've worked in IT so I'm rusty in some areas. I'm hoping with the Security+ under my belt it will help me get back in the game and either help me move on or upward in my current job.


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    We really don't know if you get partial credit on the simulated questions (what CompTIA is calling performance based questions). Some people think you do get partial credit other people think you don't and it's possible everyone is right. It's possible that some simulated questions mark it wrong it you don't get the answer perfect while other questions give you partial credit. CompTIA knows, but they aren't saying.

    Good luck.
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    I suppose all I can do is get ready for the test and go at it. I came this far might as well press onward! I'm really glad I did Network+ before tackling this exam.
  • aidan80aidan80 Member Posts: 147
    I've had a second run though the "Get Certified Get Ahead Security+" book and even ran over the Mike Myers book a second time just for good measure. The Mike Myers book I feel maybe a bit dated but glad I ran through it again and found the CD with the practice test on it. Assuming the practice tests are halfway right I'm on the right side of 90% which is typically when I sit a test and pass. It's now or never I suppose!

    I read a post recently where someone got a cheap voucher on eBay, I checked myself and none to be found. Does anyone know where there are cheap soon to be expiring vouchers to be had. I plan to book and sit the test within the coming week.
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