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Just took the Security+ exam an hour ago and got an 869.
Darril's book is an amazing resource for this exam. I studied for about 4 months and have no background in Networking. About a chapter each week does wonders. Also took some practice questions by finding them through google.

- I had 7 simulations: identify attack from diagram, trace device logs, configure firewall rules, and ports mix/match. It appears that there is now 7-10 simulations coupled with 70 MC questions for this new format. I think they give partial credit. Hint: know how to setup a WPA. Know which ones are appropriate for all situations and read up on subnetting.
- MC questions are easier than the practice exams and end of chapter questions from Darrill's book. Very basic questions and nothing that will trip you up. Did not have a lot of questions concerning specific encryption/hashing algorithms or how specific services/protocols worked. Just common sense ones to make sure you know how something works on the basic level.
- Memorizing the ports page of the book really did wonders. They give you an erasable sheet and a marker so you could jot down all the ports before taking the exam.

Just by reading the book and taking time to understand the concepts will save your behind. Questions are VERY similar to the ones in the book - they are just worded differently. If you are able to consistently score 85% on the end of chapter quizzes and the practice exams then you are set to pass.

Good luck to all!


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