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Hi guys I am a 26 year old, 2 years experience Data Analyst who is trying to get his head into SQL...although I have been wanting to study for my 70-461 certification since I got my Excel Expert Certificate last year in Oct... but due to procrastination I am still hanging around the start of the 70-461 book

Have recently purchased "
SQL Queries 2012 Joes 2 Pros. 5 Volume Book and DVD Certification Training Tutorial for Microsoft Exam 70-461 (Joes 2 Pros)", which will arrive on the 16th May and hopefully to start really trying hard and get this Cert by the end of July..

For those of you who are also trying to get this Cert, lets work hard and nail this thing!

And if anyone could provide some learning experience on SQL would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance!


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    NotHackingYouNotHackingYou Member Posts: 1,460 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Download AdventureWorks and start trying to extract data. I used Head First SQL a few years ago to get started and it was a great help to me. I have recently taken and passed 70-461. It will be tough without experience, make sure you practice a lot.
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    Hi Jbarcode,

    I’m in a similar position like yourself, currently I am a data analyst but I now find more SQL experience is required.
    I’m not a total newbie self-taught trial and error I know my coding is not formated or put together as it should so going back to basics, I’ve actually created 1 or 2 stored
    procedures but that was with my last company and I had the time to do it but I find all jobs I apply for require me to hit the ground running at 200mph.. Help..

    I wish to advance my SQL knowledge into possibly but don’t have the time to go back to school.. Even considered taking a 2 week trio to India…

    Did the Joes to Pros book help? I’ve read lots of positive thing about the book so far please do let me know..
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    RobertKaucherRobertKaucher Member Posts: 4,299 ■■■■■■■■■■

    Let me start by welcoming you to the forum. But then I have to tell you that you are a horrible individual who needs to be stopped at all costs! Think of the bunnies! icon_wink.gif


    Now that we have the formalities out of the way, what sort of experience do you get at your current job with SQL? Have you looked at PluralSight? They have tons of general SQL Server courses (some that are pretty advanced) and they have close to 10 hours of training just on the 70-461. It's US$ 30 a month.

    [Disclaimer: no actual bunnies were punched]
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