security + VS E|CSSS

What is the difference?What would you (the whole security forum) would advise. I thank you in advance and I hope you enjoy your weekend. side note has anyone took/study for the C)VA from Mile 2.

typo.. in the title .. e|css, not e|csss


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    In the US, the general difference is that CompTia and Security+ is a lot more well known.

    Also - it could be argued that the E|CSS is highly rudimentary. I looked at the Mile2 course detail and from the description I would consider the material more in the realm of a security awareness course targeted at anyone. It is only a one day course and the target audience according to the Mile2 web site is for "anyone that uses a computer on the internet".
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    Thank you for your reply and your thoughtful advisement.

    That description sounds like the C)SS I passed a while ago, for my current job. In which is lightly peppered with Security. C)VA is a three day class. which sound likes it would lead to C)PTE.

    What would take if your in my shoes?

    Again Thanks.

    Kind Regards,

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    What would take if your in my shoes?

    It largely depends on what you are interested in pursuing in your career and where you are today.

    If you are in the United States and you are trying to decide between a Mile2 certificate or Security+. The Security+ certificate is likely to be more valuable. Outside of the United States, I am less able to offer suggestions.
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    thanks for your advice :)
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    is this a Mile2 cert or EC-Council cert? I'm seeing a ECCouncil Certified Security Specialist and the Mile2 Certified Security Sentinel.

    Now, personally, EC-Council's offering offers a professional title. but, Mile2's offering sounds much more hands on, and actually useful, whereas the ECSS program is a 2 day program focusing on what sounds like an overview. I doubt anything you couldn't learn on your own.

    Security+ is an industry standard, but still is a high level overview. You are told about attacks, and have some understanding of them, but there is no practical understanding.

    My recommendation would be the MCSS, because of its advertised practical knowledge.
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    SephStorm wrote: »

    My recommendation would be the MCSS, because of its advertised practical knowledge.


    Please Advise, I am new to this certification path .. even-though I been working in IT for ten years (in the desktop support realm)

    Thank you, good sir
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    I just took the C)VA exam -Passed
    Studying 70-687, 70-640

    The C)VA will lead to C)PTE or C|EH
    Has anyone taken C|EH ... please advise on books helped you passed and how to get EC Council attention.

    I thank you for your advice in advance
    This forum helped so much
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