Next step isn't so clear.. 3+yrs experience, no cert.. seeking some direction.

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Hello folks,

I've reached a point where I need to set some goals and push myself to complete some cert courses and get on track. Getting pretty frustrated and confused on which route to take.

I've had a passion for technology and IT since a very young age and basically performed helpdesk and entry level networking tasks for five years in the military. I followed that up with a jr windows sysadmin position which dried up due to restructuring and followed that with a support job troubleshooting media streaming linux servers which I lost after layoffs in a start up company. My traditional education in IT is pretty much nonexistent, yet I have performed well when given opportunities and learn quickly.

My issue is having no clue which direction I want to go. I consider myself adept with Windows and a below-average Linux user simply based on consistency of using Windows my entire life. Linux seems more efficient and effective for the type of work I've done, which is kind of pushing me away from improving my Microsoft skills despite them being significantly better. I'm sure there's lots of Linux converts around here and would be curious to see their opinion on this.

Secondly, I'm struggling getting a good perspective of short and long term career goals in the field. Which positions to seek, which certs to acquire in which order, etc. Sysadmin work wasn't bad, but doing it for the rest of my life is a depressing thought. I'd say my interests pique more toward cloud computing and virtualization, but very little experience in that area.

Hoping that some of you have been in my shoes and have some good information for me. Thanks in advance for your input.
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