CISSP Exam Prep: Questions, Answers & Explanations

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Hi – could anyone please comment on the “CISSP ExamPrep: Questions, Answers & Explanations” book by SSI Logic , 2012version?

For my study guides I've been using with the AOI 5thedition and the Eric Conrad CISSP Study Guide version 2 – doing the questionsat the end of each chapter. I have also been using the “Total Tester” SW (2012version) averaging 90% on the exams and the McGraw-Hill CISSP testing web site averaging 83%.

I recently started the tests in SSI’s “CISSP ExamPrep: Questions, Answers & Explanations “ bookand am wondering if the questions in thetests are a fair representation of those on the actual CISSP test? They don’tseem very technical..



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