Failed 70-290 with 678, but had a query over a question

j1mggj1mgg Member Posts: 45 ■■□□□□□□□□
Okay so I just sat my exam and failed with a score of 678, I had 44 questions in total.

In one of the simulations along the side where you scroll down with the questions and details of the question was different from the main page where you choose abcd.

So in the simulation the answer next to answer c was different from the answer on the main page to answer c, but was next to answer d. I raised an issue with pitman(training centre and also raised it when I was in the exam so the guy saw that they were different.
has anyone had this before and how long did it take of an answer and what is the possible outcome.

Could be I got it right anyway and wouldn't make a difference to my score, just got to use the second shot exam before the end of April and also don't want to keep on studying this is I have technically passed as I need all the time I can on 291

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