What to do when a certification gives you two titles?

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Speaking more specifically about this example with taking the Microsoft exams 680 and 685. After taking both test you are given the newer MCSA Windows 7 title but also the old MCITP: Desktop Support Technician which won't be attainable after next year. Do you just list both of them on your resume for HR Checklist purposes?
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    It depends on the titles, but in this case, include them both. The reason is simply that both MCITP and MCSA will show up in searches and get marked in resume algorithms, and of course some people may even be looking for one and not the other.

    Bear in mind, the intent should not be to pad. If someone asks about them, explain they are the same thing, but come with two titles due to Microsoft's backtracking.

    Similarly, I would generally include MCTS subsets of MCITP, MCSE, and MCSA on my resume. The exception would be if you get to a plethora of certifications, at which point they become prime candidates for removal. E.g., Claymoore has two MCSEs, six MCITPs, and 17 MCTSs. He probably doesn't the MCTSs or double-list anything that counts as two titles.
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    I generally only list the highest level cert for a specific technology and version, but I would definately double list MCITP with whatever the equivalent cert title is, for a while, just to get past the keyword filter.
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    About7NarwhalAbout7Narwhal Member Posts: 761
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    Which would you guys list as? If you are only worried about the automated filters, it would seem you would go with the first one to avoid deception.
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    olaHaloolaHalo Member Posts: 748 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I just updated my resume and put both.
    To me it looks weird or like I am just padding, but I doubt most interviewers will even notice or ask.
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