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Hei guys. Any advice regarding a good training provider. I am looking to become a MCSA/MCSE.

Any online company that can supply tuition and support all along the way to get the qualification needed.



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    Hello again. I did a long research. At the moment I found this company based in Midlands UK that runs an e-learning plus few workshops over the year for students to give them some practicality about the job on real labs.
    The deal is that can train me from A+ certification up to MCSA 7 / MCSA 2008 Server. The cost is around 1.8k GBP All the exams costs and the re-sits are included, which makes me think that the company is quite good. Many company may offer the voucher for the first exam but not the re-sits.

    The only problem is the following: I have to pay for 12 months by installments. I am wondering if I can save some money or at the end that's the amount of time that will take me to start from the bottom up to the MCSA/MCSE.

    I would like to receive your feedback.

    The company has a website at this address: IT Courses with the UK's most Respected Training Provider | Computeach
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    Why dont you try the CBTNuggets and / or TrainSignal with a combination of the Books that will be releasing soon.

    The entire cost that way could be 20% of the amount.

    In my opinion though ! Exam vouchers are available from Microsoft for the Second Shot which means you get two tries for each exam.

    PM In case you need any other details or break ups of anything.

    For any questions regarding the exam or the material you can contact me via PM.
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    If you're disciplined enough to self study there are tons of free Microsoft learning resources. They even provide some practice questions in the early expert stuff. I found that their $30 417 exam prep book was EXTREMELY accurate to the test, especially the exam tips section. It may be worth your while to check those out.

    CBT nuggets is 99/month without a commitment. They provide good video learning and practice exams if they're available.

    If you can get virtual box for free and the trial of 2k12 you can lab on your laptop/desktop and do most of the labs James does. The hyper v stuff is the only thing I couldn't get to work in VMware Workstation. I assume Virtual Box would have the same limitation.

    In all for my 417 pass I paid 30 dollars for the exam prep, used 30 days of CBT nuggets, and paid for the voucher. So 280 total for resources, most of which was reimbursed or provided by my job.
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    Hei guys, thank you all for the replies. I joined Trainsignal which seems very good and I was also looking to to buy their lab and test kits to prepare me for the exam. The cost seems quite high considering that I have to purchase the exam vouchers as well. At the moment the cost for the MCSA Windows Serve 2008 is 659$ Kit for MCSA Windows Server 2008 | Boson and the cost for the MCSA Windows 7 is about 449$. Since I have to take Windows Server 2012 I was thinking that the overall cost is a bit high. Do you think I got other options to consider ? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Francesco
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    Does Trainsignal or CBTNuggets offer labs as well? Or is only instructor videos? Looking to become MCSA, but i would want some labs as well.
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    I have recently joined Trainsignal and it does not offer labs. If you read my replies you will understand why I mentioned for additional material. Essentially they offer practise exam questions with an engine and labs without spending money with extra software or having multiple computers at home. Of course it's expensive, but I do not know any other solution at the moment.
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    I don't see any reason why would anybody spend couple of hundreds $$$ on some practice labs. Just make some virtual machines (using Hyper-V, Vmware or Oracle Virtualbox) on your computer and do everything what James Conrad or Ed Liberman is doing in those CBT Nuggets/Trainsignal videos. Then.. if you want to measure your skills and see if you are ready for exam, you can pay 69$ for Kaplan Selftest and check. Additionaly there are a bunch of .vce exams for free all over internet which you can use to measure your skills.
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    VCE are brain ****, don't use them!!!
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    Even if they are brain ****, you can use them to test your ability to pass the exam.
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    Any alternative to ? I was looking for a test engine to practice the exam to check when I am ready plus the labs.
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