CISSP experience clarification

zeta33zeta33 Registered Users Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
When ISC2 mentions 4 years (with degree) of experience in at least two domains, does it mean 4 years in each domain or is it a cumulation of 4 years from both?

I suspect 4 years in each domain so something like 3 years of crypto and 1 year of access control would not be acceptable but would like your clarification.


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    emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    4 years total. 3 crypto + 1 ac is very acceptable.
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    ssehgssehg Member Posts: 69 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Total of 4 years what they say.
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    the_hutchthe_hutch Banned Posts: 827
    I'm not sure, but if you really think, you probably had at least two domains covered at any given time. With the amount of overlapping subject-matter in each of these domains, it is almost impossible to have experience in just one. For example, if you have experience in access controls, you also either have experience in physical or network security (i mean...you're controlling access to something, right? ...whether its a facility or a network).
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