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This is the first test I've ever failed from Cisco or any other vendor. Passed NP tests with 900+, scored a low 600 on this. I can't believe how awful this test was. So much content not covered in the material in anyway, then topped of with super obvious questions that I 100% know the answer to....except all the multiple choice answers are written in the most bizarre way possible to the point they're incomprehensible. Then there are questions that are written where you have to ASSUME information because its not provided to you, how am I supposed to know what I need to join X network if I don't know what X is? I guess you are supposed to assume every Enterprise network is WPA2 and running 802.1x?

I'm not someone who is afraid of failure and gets worked up about it. But I am pissed as hell because I really studied for this and feel like no amount of further studying of the books would of resulted in a pass. I read the Lammle book and quick cert guide cover to cover twice, took detailed notes. Memorized all my notes, went over all the exam objectives and answered them using the books, got detailed screenshots of WCS since I don't have access to one. Complete waste of time. I feel like I can pass now that I know what the exam is actually going to be like, but I really don't see how anyone could pass this after studying the only official book for this exam.



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    Hey Pert,

    I understand your emotion in regards to this test. I started studying for this exam and decided to move over to the CWNA until the official study guide comes out later this year, Oct. 31, 2013 as I need the direction. Even though, Jerome is amazing at wireless, I don't think I can pass with his quick cert guide and some videos of the old edition of the test.

    Thank you for your description of the test as it's good to know that my decision to hold off was warranted and it gives me a better idea as to what to expect when I go and take this exam.

    I know you'll easily pass this exam the next time you take it. Sometimes you just have to see how the questions are before you can properly study to attack them in the way that they are represented.

    Good luck on your next attempt!

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    Passed it finally. If anyone wants to take this I'd just use the Quick Reference guide to study. Not to knock the Lammle book, there is nothing wrong with it at all, but I think it's just too far out of date now, there are too many questions on the exam that are version specific. but you need to memorize EVERY SINGLE number, acronym, and fact about everything in the book. Even if its a footnote, memorize it. I think this test is harder than the NP R/S tests, there is SO much you need to memorize about so many different and unrelated concepts. I studied for this exam like it was other NA exams I've taken and that was just not enough, period.

    Example: if there is a technology that consists of 3 different "parts, and each part has specific subsections, terms, numbers, etc.

    1: Know the technology and what each part does
    2: Know exactly what the technology does, each part and the subsections an terms
    3: Know exactly what the technology does, exactly what each subsection does, and good idea of all the numbers <-- I was here first time
    4: Know exactly what the technology does, exactly what each part and each subject does, and memorize all the numbers exactly
    5: Be able to write down from memory what the technology does, each part, each subsection, all the terms, numbers and exceptions to the rules

    You need to be between 4 and 5 to pass, and you need to read the white papers on some of the concepts that aren't covered in enough detail. Like differences between WCS base and plus, upgrade procedures, AP discovery process, etc.

    I really think this exam is way harder than it needs to be. I don't see why, as most of the difficulty is not areas that matter at all. So much memorization of bullshit, which instead could have been used to teach setting up the various EAp authentication types. That would be WAY more applicable to every job out there.
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    It makes me wonder how hard the CCNP-Wireless tests are.
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    Hi Pert,I am looking to get a book or more to learn more about wireless networking. Can you recommend books that are available on amazon or ebay that i can refer to please ?Regards,Sheikh
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