GPEN help needed.

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Hi all, I have gotten my GCIH back in november 2012 and I'm going for the GPEN now.

I have 2009 GPEN material but I know its out-dated.

So I am trying my best to find out which module was not included in the 2009 as compared to the latest one.

I have almost finished the 2009 material and one module I found missing was the packet manipulation tool Scapy.

So I went through Scapy online and found that this tool covers a wide range of areas.

May I know in which particular section of the books was this tool introduced in? Under scanning section or wireless section?

I have visited this link : Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

but I could not find anything related to Scapy. That website outlines the course exactly to the 2009 version I am confused if anything new was introduced.

Would really appreciate if someone could help me out here.

Thanks alot, cheers.


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    Is there a reason you didn't pursue the GPEN cert back in 2009 when you took the course? I'd definitely assume that things have changed quite a bit in terms of SANS 560's content within that time, especially given the cutting-edge material pertaining to network pentesting. That said, I don't recall much about Scapy being discussed when I took 560 a couple of months ago. My memory's pretty hazy though.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I borrowed the 2009 materials from my colleague. I do not like the 4 months duration (too short for me, had to juggle work and study) they give when you purchase the module. So I would like to read up first before buying (give myself more time to prepare).
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    I'm not sure if you realize this, but transfer of SANS courseware isn't actually allowed (should be noted at the beginning of each book). It's their standard Courseware License Agreement.

    Four months I think is actually quite generous. I constantly work and it's become a stretch for me to be able to finish the course / take the exam within that time, but I think it's still do-able.
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    docrice is correct. You are not allowed to use the official SANS courseware, including the books, slides, MP3, or On Demand materials to prepare for and take a GIAC exam unless you have actually taken the corresponding SANS class. You may use materials derived from a SANS class, such as the notes taken by a SANS course attendee, and 3rd-party (non-SANS) study material, but not the actual SANS materials, originals or copies. To do so would cause an immediate revocation of all your GIAC certifications and banishment from the GIAC program (or so I have heard).
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    thanks for the advices guys..I have decided to purchase the on demand materials..not confident with the 2009 material anyway..

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