SANS CASP webcast

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    Pretty interesting... Eric Conrad will be the speaker and SANS is saying;

    "It is the logical follow-up to CompTIA's Security+ exam, and can be thought of as a technical alternative to the CISSP"
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    I watched it today - kinda interesting, but really, nothing was mentioned that I haven't seen mentioned on here already. He did do a lot of comparing to CISSP, and seemed to be putting it on that level in some ways, though as a technical version. Also, as has been said here, having CASP on the DoD listing has really increased interest in this cert, though it hasn't really spread outside that area yet. However, if SANS is going to start teaching a CASP class at ~$4k a pop, then I guess they see some potential in it.
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    Any cert on the DoD 8570.01 is worth teaching a training class for, if only for the government people that will need the training and the money the government is willing to spend on those training classes. The commercial sector will also seriously look at any 8570.01 cert that it has not previously considered as being useful (e.g., CASP, SSCP, CEH). Any cert that falls off 8570.01 could eventually find itself struggling to stay noticed in the IT certification marketplace regardless of how good it is.
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