JNCIA newbie questions

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I have 4 weeks left approx before starting my new job which really is more microsoft server focussed but i thought maybe I could squeeze in sometime learning about Juniper which i know nothing of. Need help please.

Been scouting around on this forum and come up with the following sources of info

JNCIS Lab guide - rental labs - J-Net Community

CBT nuggets do a Mike Shannon series on JNCIA for $99 per month.
I also believe I have seen a Dummies guide book to Juniper on amazon.

Are these all good sources of info?
My big concern is how would I be able to practice on Juniper routers and switches? I do not have the space to buy real equipment but would happily welcome rack rentals where all I would need to do is telnet/ssh into them? or perhaps GNS3 supports Juniper ?
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