Cisco LAN Switching

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I see a lot of people saying this book is excellent and a must read for the CCIE. I glanced through it and it has a lot of good info. My only concern is how old it is. Many of the configuration examples are not correct in current IOS software and I didn't see anything about Rapid or Multiple Spanning Tree. Is there another book that is newer that you guys might recommend instead or is that still the best book for the job?


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    The strength of LAN Switching is not in it's configuration examples, but rather the theory behind them, which is still current as a lot of the techniques carry over (with slight changes for Rapid SPT/MST).

    To contrast this with another area, Halabi's "Internet Routing Architectures" was published in 2000 and is still fairly commonly referred to as the "BGP bible"
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    Thank you, that is kind of what I thought just from skimming the book. It seems to have a lot of great theory on how things work. That stuff is invaluable for really learning these technologies.
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