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Hi all,

I can't seem to get a straight answer on this so maybe someone with more experience will know. I'm wondering how the simulations are scored?

What I mean is, does every step I take count as some sort of points to the score? Because when I took my test I was unsure on one of the simulations and I pushed the reset button twice icon_redface.gif , but I don't know what type of effect this had on me.

I'm getting ready to take this again soon and I just want to be as ready as possible. I'm also wondering why they put a reset button there if it hurts your score icon_rolleyes.gif , but whatever. Thanks for reading.


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    I haven't read any factual info about the scoring of sims, but I'm quite sure that you can press the Reset button as often as you need without it having any influence on your score. Read the following topic for some more 'assumptions':
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    Thanks Webmaster for your response. I have found this link on Microsoft's website that answers this specific question for me and hopefully others:

    Although it applies to Windows 2000, I imagine the rules aren't that much different.

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    Thanks for the link, TeKniques. :D

    The most important thing I got out of that article is that unlike to popular opinion, there is no partial credit on the sims. Also, it appears they don't deduct scores for extra clicks.
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    I just took this test this morning, here is what I read on the exam. When you start reading the license agreements, etc. before the test begins, there is a statement about the reset button. It clearly states that if you click the Reset button that the question will be cleared and will revert back to its original state before you started clicking. I used the reset this morning a couple of times and I know it worked since I got a perfect score on a few sections that had simulations regarding those areas. Hope this makes sense and helps. There is no partial credit either.

    My best advice is to do what it asks only, in the order it asks you and accept the defaults unless otherwise told.

    Good luck
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    Some great info there guys, ta, it just shows you how important it is to read the rules before hand....
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    You just reminded me why it is important to read the instructions first.
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    Do they make you do command line stuff on the sims?
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