Passed SY0-301 773

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I am so glad it is over. I had two vouchers because I didn't think I would be able to pass it, but spent 3 days non stop reading DG's Book and doing practice exams. Ran through all the review questions for each chapter. The pre-assessment and practice tests at the end until I was blue in the face then gave it a shot. Study materials were the DG book of course for 90 percent of it. Study notes that user here posted (looked at them for 15 min before starting the test). I had a class I took a while ago that was kind of a prep class for it. I also completed a class for the SSCP - maybe I'll for that one next.

I've never had any certs before at all. This is my first. I think I would have gotten a better score if I had more time to study- but I was giving it a dry run test and I'm plenty stoked with a 773. As others have stated, I do wish I could have seen what I got wrong. Had about 5-6 Simulations. Off the top of my head.

1. A forensic analysis drag/drop the items for the order they go in when doing the analysis . Ram, Hard Drive, - what you document first to last.

2. Routing specific department machines through the firewall to its destination. You are required to type in the ports but there is a pull/down menu for the IP address (ranges).

3. drag and drop what security measures go into a server and into a phone (this was pretty easy).

4. Select the device in the diagram that failed best state. Some people have this requesting the worst state I think (depends on the question). I made my best guess on this one after looking at the logs for each one.

I have an extra voucher . Good for a year. I if I can sell it to anyone here make me an offer. I will give you the code.


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    Congrats! A pass is a pass, forget the score.
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    Congrats on the pass. Glad to hear the book helped. Good luck with your next adventure.
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    Is the voucher still available
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif

    Good luck on next one
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    Congrats!! What's next?

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