Hope to have it taken by the end of the week...

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I hope to take this test by the end of the week. I wish I had time to do my A+ exam before grad school starts (possibly in June or August), but I don't see that happening. I fear I won't have time to study for an exam while taking full time grad classes. I have taken a hardware class and an A+ hardware prep class, BUT that was back in 2006. Things have changed and memories have faded.

Anyway, I used Darril's book and a small Sybex study guide. I can get measure up practice test for $20 and transcender for $55. My test will cost $232. The place I go through gives those prices if you take the test by a certain day and order the practice tests at the time you buy the voucher. The question is, do I really need both measureup and transcender? I scored 90% on Darril's final and on the Sybex tests I am at 94% and 90%.

I am scared of the performance based questions. I have yet to figure out what types of questions to expect. My performance based questions for the Network + didn't go well, but I only ad about four of them.

I saw some of you are getting cheap vouchers on ebay. You must have good timing, because I only saw one for $230 which isn't much better than the place I go through.

I really really hope that with certs and a master's degree, I can get into the field. I have been doing research and everyone seems to say that without experience, I am out of luck unless I volunteer or get lucky enough to get internships. This is frustrating because I can't get experience without an opportunity. I have been trying to network on LinkedIn, but that isn't going so well.
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