Will CEH help with an RHCE Cert ?

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Hi there.

Im 33 years old and am currently pursuing RHCSA and am well along the way. I plan to complete RHCE by July end. I want to have a career as a Linux Admin and am thinking of pursuing a storage or virtualization cert next.

Ive got a passion for Infosec and want to volunteer my skills to the local Law Enforcement and Cyber Crime Bureaus in India. Would a CEH help ? Im also interested in Malware Analysis but have no idea where to start. What pre-requisites do you think are needed to start on Malware Analysis. I know my way around perl and python and have knowledge of Java. I havent coded in a long time. Also do you think a CEH or Malware Analysis skills would help a RHCE ?

Ultimately, down the line, Im looking at moving to Infosec full time.


Goal: RHCSA >> Due: 6/2013 >> Progress: Basics done.
Goal: RHCE >> Due: 7/2013 >> Progress: Not Yet Started.
Goal: CEH >> Due: 9/2013 >> Progress: Basics done

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    I have some good links for people like yourself who are interested in Malware Analysis.

    1. grand stream dreams: Malware Analysis Resources
    2. How to Get Started With Malware Analysis
    3. Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools and Techniques Course - Malware Analysis Training by Lenny Zeltser
    4. So You Want To Be A Malware Analyst | Malwarebytes Unpacked

    It wouldn't hurt to get the CEH but by no means will this certification make you capable of doing an investigation for law enforcement. It's more of "Hey, here's some good foundation knowledge in ethical hacking".
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    Certified Ethical Hacking course is actually more about the basics of offensive security testing, social engineering, etc than anything else. Of course, having an understanding of the tools used & the mentality of hackers makes good sense if you are an admin. Would it be a good idea? Well, it certainly wouldn't hurt you. Given the almost daily announcement of computer breaches I can foresee a day in the future where knowing security will be good on the resume.

    As far as Infosec goes, it tends to be a career on it's own. If you do want to go down that path it's important to have a decent understanding of the OS you're defending (or attacking). The Malware stuff is an entirely different gig & I doubt you'd see much crossover.
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    Can anyone give me a typical Job Description for an RHCE sys admin ? Am I expected to bring other skills like clustering, storage, virtualization etc to the table ? Or is a RHCE enough for a Linux Sys Admin ? As much as I would love to work on security on servers - I think my run will be limited to what the Risk Management Group thinks is applicable on a particular domain. I know clustering, storage and virtualization is good-to-know .. What I want to know is do companies generally look for certified individuals (which would make me multi-skilled I think), or is an RHCE enough ?

    I have worked on Windows Servers before - Our job was more monitoring, patching and Resetting Passwords... Couple that with a bunch of people fresh out of college with zero experience and zero server tech knowledge (I dont know how they ended up in the Server Team), and the team looking at citrix administration, storage, clustering, virtualization etc, made us feel more like a general tech support team than a specialized team handling servers. So I know a little bit of these but not as much as I would like.

    I know Im generalizing.... but is it the same scenario with Linux Administration ?
    Goal: RHCSA >> Due: 6/2013 >> Progress: Basics done.
    Goal: RHCE >> Due: 7/2013 >> Progress: Not Yet Started.
    Goal: CEH >> Due: 9/2013 >> Progress: Basics done

    Gig: AMD 1.8GHz, 4 GB Ram, 40GB HDD, DVD Writer.
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    I think CEH is more general certification than it looks like. In fact CEH will give you an over view of security field but if you want to go deeply you must study hard with more practice.If you are looking for technical background CEH will just give you an idea about security. If you already had your RHCE look for RHSSA or OSCP.
    Information Security field is very huge but here some stuff to start with:
    KALI Linux: most used security distribution it contain most of security tools that you will need as security professional
    Dojo web security: it's a vulnerable VM that contain some vulnerable web app if you are looking for web security
    Security tube: contain courses about security tools and techniques is very usefull.

    For malware analysis look for opensecuritytraining.info you will find there trainnings with practice, from scratch to advanced techniques

    Hope that will help

    Best regards and good luck with your future certs :)
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