Which one of these to choose?

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I am new to the server operating systems and i have decided to start studying the Windows Server 2003 in order to pass this exam. I have found these two books at very low prices but i don't know which one to choose:

Windows Server 2003 Administrator's Companion by MsPress
Matsering Windows Server 2003 by Sybex

As i wrote before, i am new to Windows Server 2003 and generally in the server environment. Any suggestions?


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    Both are very good and useful books, but they are reference guides, that are very thorough, but may not give full coverage for the 70-290 Windows 2003 Server exam. If you get any of these two, make sure you get a certification/study guide that is written for the 70-290 exam as well. Also use the exam objectives as a guideline:
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    Which one of these two you think is more suitable for the novice user?
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    I haven't read the MS Press book but I think the Mastering 2003 by Sybex (Mark Minassi) is a well written (and easy to understand) book.

    It is a good guide to Windows 2003, but not necessarily for the exam so like previous poster said you need a study guide as well.
    Go with 'Sybex' and use 'MS Press' to do the more thorough coverage of this exam. :D
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    i recommend this book:

    MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-290): Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Environment

    i've been reading and studying from it and it is very good, how it covers the exam topics so understandable also has small test labs each lesson so you can practice what you are learning right away,

    im using to prepare for this exam this book, THIS SITE icon_wink.gif and some study labs that i bought from Trainsignal wich are awesome good, also im working in a server environment so i can not play but see how it works in the real world icon_lol.gif

    i hope that helps!

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