If I get a CCNP, do I need a MCSA or RHCSA?

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I plan to get my CCNP in 3 months or so. I've already started on ROUTE and the material seems really fun. I'm studying about 3 hours a day using both GNS3, my home lab, Chris Bryant, and a few books.

I really like Cisco and I'm pretty sure I want to make networking my career. However, I feel like I would need to get at the very least an MCSA or RHCSA to get my foot in the door for some kind of Systems Admin job (or network admin job that's really more of a sys. admin position). I have 3 years of experience as a Systems/Network technician. So I have a good background in Microsoft Server/Desktop, but Cisco is something that I've only known for 6 month and I have no real job experience other than home labs.

What would you all suggest or recommend? I would really like to hear from people who have been in the field for some time, as well as for those still working on certs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Depends on wha tyou want to do. You don't need any systems side certifications unless you want to work with systems.
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    I personally think you should focus on one path either networking or systems admin. You can do both of course but I find it more benefitial to concentrate on one and really excell at one.

    I say this because in my current job at a large reseller, we really have people that specalize in certain areas ie, VOIP, wireless, Networking, and Sys admin. Every person certifies in their chosen field. People don't often cross certify ie the cisco guys don't get microsoft certs... it's just not the best use of time.

    Well i guess i should put it this way. I (personally) would rather have a CCNP rather then a CCNA/MCSA. And a CCIE rather then a CCNP/MCITP.
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    What you need to also take into consideration is the number of jobs where you live or plan to live. While boobobobobob might be correct if you live in say... southern california or seattle, if you live in an area that is smaller and the jobs need more "generalists" having that CCNA/MCSA or CCNP/MCITP will make it easier to get a job because you have a broader knowledge-base.
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    Aye, i live in LA. There is no shortage of jobs around here :P
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    A CCNP doesn't need anything about Microsoft or Linux. I call IT when my PC breaks. Look at the certification lists for networker and myself. I also know successful generalists--they have an MCSE to go with their CCNA. Do realize a CCNP without experience has about the same job prospects and pay as a CCNA without experience. Cisco recommends a year in the field before taking that path.
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