SSCP - CBT - 6 weeks wait

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Hello friends!

First of all let me thank this community for providing valuable information on this forum.

Yesterday I took my SSCP cbt exam (London Pearsonvue) after studying for the last 2 months. I used Darril Gibson's AIO book, CBT nuggets, Basically I took this exam because I work in health domain and control access/IT security. And I thought this certification will give me excellent knowledge and help me in understanding the organisational security issues at technical level.

Overall I found SSCP exam's difficulty level average, 3 hours is more than enough to complete the test. :)

I took CBT exam thinking that I will get results same day, but all I got is a printout saying "(ISC)2 apologizes for not providing you with an on-site score report for this examination. Candidates scores are being withheld temporarily while we conduct a psychometric analysis of the results. Your pass/fail results will be reported to you by (ISC)2 within six weeks. .............."

I am pretty confident that I passed but this 6 weeks wait is a spoilsport !!



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    That sucks! Glad to hear the SSCP isn't very difficult if you buckle down and really put the study time in! Thanks for that info. I'm taking my SSCP on June 15, the earliest I could book it. After that, C|EH and CISSP (Associate of ISC2) and then I'll be done with certs for this year.
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    Awwwwww damn ... 6 weeks is quite a bit especially if you are expecting your results instantly. Hang in there, maybe you can get started on your next cert to get your mind off things. I know it's easier said than done, but it's better than constantly monitoring your emails. Who knows, you might just get your results earlier than that, just saying ... icon_rolleyes.gif ...trying to be positive here!

    All the best...
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    it sounds like some kind of audit. You must have scored so high that they wanted to double check that you didn't **** Why else keep your score from you unless there's a possibility they would change it? I bet you get your results much sooner than 6 weeks.
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    While not directly related, I took the CSSLP exam today (Florida Pearsonvue) and received the same notification.
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    Finally I got email today saying I have passed the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP®) examination. :D
    It took almost 4 weeks to get my result.

    Next step maybe Linux Certification or PRINCE2. You see I did this certifications because I was working in Access and IT Security team for last one year but I have switched my job now and my priorities have changed too.

    But my ultimate goal is CISSP!!!
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    Hey Vikrant, Congrats on your pass! I take the SSCP in two days, any advice?
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    I am assuming that you have read Darril Gibson's AIO book, if not then please read atleast once and also
    I can see that you have done Sec+ and BBA in Mgmt Info so I dont think you will find this exam tough. 3 hours are more than enough to complete to this exam, read questions atleast 2 to 3 times before selecting the correct answer.
    Best of luck mate!
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