New short term goal: acquire A+

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Hey everybody,

I ordered Mike Meyer's All-In-One study guide from Amazon and it has just arrived. If I begin studying for the 801 and 802 tests this week, what's a realistic time frame to take the tests? I want to do the tests before returning to school in the fall. I've taken a computer hardware class before and have a long history with computers and peripherals. How difficult are the tests? Any tips on how I should study (besides read the book and do practice tests)?


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    Review the objectives and go from there.
    Experience is king, so get as much hands-on as possible and review the Meyer's book and if want a send source, go with Sybex text.

    Understanding is more important than memorizing a bunch of questions. If you use a practice test, it really is best to use it to gauge it before your studying begins and toward the end of your studies to assess your level of comprehension.

    If your understanding is solid, schedule your exam soon.

    IIRC for those with experience about 40 hours of study is recommended, though for many that is overkill.
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    You should def be able to pass it before going back to school in the fall.
    How long it'll take (days/weeks) really depends on how much you study and how consistent your studying is. Experience and ease of understanding also plays a huge part.
    However, if you commit to that as your goal you might even be able to knock them out before the 1st half of summer is over.
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