MTA vs. OCA Certification (Database Administration)

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Hi everyone, I am currently a student working on my B.S. in MIS. I want to get into Database Administration in the future. I've been doing my research about the certifications I might need. So far, I found out that for a beginner in IT like me the Microsoft Technology Association (MTA) - Database Fundamentals Cert and the Oracle's OCA would be the start in my DB "roadmap". However, I do not know which of these two will be considered more appropriate for a complete beginner like me. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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    MTA has the reputation of being very beginner whereas Oracle OCA seems to be a little more to it. I don't know any one personally who has done the MTA, however a friend of mine was sent to a class which he achieved OCA and another Web Logic certification.
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    I felt like the MTA database was a great foundation. I took the exam using the official material and found it covered quite a bit of ground.
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