Wrote the exam today...

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Time to celebrate!

I was suppose to write the Network+ exam after my A+ exam, but due to work, school and other priorities the Network+ exam was pushed back 2 years.

But I finally wrote it today and I passed!

I can't discuss what is on the exam due to the agreement I signed, but I can tell you what I used to study.

For the pratice exams I used Passport Network+ CD, mcmcse.com and Tech Exams.

Main Study Material

Passport Network+ Second Edition: I love you Mike Meyers! The material is concise and to the point. It doesn't BS with long explanation. Use this guide if you want to pass the exam. It took me about a 1.5 week to go though the whole book.

Note the word "pass". The book doesn't cover anything so there are some questions you will won't get if you go into this exam using this book only.

Tech Exams Notes: It's free and it has a lot of good information. Nuff said.

Optional Material

All in One Network+ Certification Third Edition: Provides more information than the Passport. Easy to read and understand. Though you might not want to spent more money because it's almost the same material as the Passport with extra material.

Que Network+ N10-002: The first book I used to study for Network+. The diagrams are clear and there's a lot indepth information. Unfortunately N10-003 came around making this book out of date.

Not Recommend Material

Exam Cram 2 Network+ Second Edition Practice Questions N10-003: This book offers 650+ questions. Sounds like a lot, except the questions and answers are terrible. Some of the questions asked are vague and confusing. The provided answer is just baffling.

For example:

What is the value of NIC card LEDs?

1) They are a good indicator of the status of a router.
2) They tell you whether the network is operational.
3) They tell you whether the NIC is sending and receiving.
4) They tell you whether the workstation system board is working.

In most cases answer 3 is the proper choice because the LED is suppose to tell you if there is a connection on the NIC.

Instead 4 is the correct answer. Why would the motherboard tell you the status of the NIC?

Are all Exam Cram 2 books this terribly written?

Syngress Network Exam N10-003: Overall as a reference book this is not a bad book, but as a guide to the Network+ Exam it's terrible. The book bogs you down with in-depth explanation on how the network system works that isn't revenant to the Network+ Exam.

I really dislike it when I have to read paragraphs of complex information and then the author would write, "By the way all the above paragraphs are not in the Network+ Exam so you don't have to remember all of it" Argh.

Microsoft Certification Here I Come! :)


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