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Hi Guys
Ive been on this site a few months ago as i was (then) studying for N+ which thankfully i managed to pass

I am now self studying for 70-271 using measured up tests and the microsoft self paced training kit

Im tearing my hair out on this as (never sat a microsoft exam) the questions are convoluted and quite frankly the study material in the book (i feel) is insufficiant

Would GRATEFULLY appreciate any hints and tips and passing this S.O.B exam ...also any free test material out there? i have looked but came up with very little

PLEEEEEASE HELP !!!! icon_mad.gif


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    Welcome to M$ certs, the books will give you an overview of the objectives required. Using measureup to test is also sufficient. I have used them in the past and have successfully obtained the mcdst. You should do well, make sure you are scoring 90% and above and you will definately pass the exam.
    What next?
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    Thanxs for the advice JMC ....unfortunately not yet scoring 90% as yet !!

    I think i need to get used to microsofts somewhat long winded way of qustioning

    EG "you are a support technition supporting blah blah number of users running xp pro when you receive a call from blah blah ect ect !!"
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