Logical Topology Setup Guidance

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Hello friends, so I finally got more of my parts and would like some help setting up everything, here is what I have

Skeletek 16u with the surge protector 8 ports
4 x 1841s v15 (all have one 2t-wic and one has 2 x 2t-wics)
2 x 2950
2 x 3550 EMI
1 x 2911 Access Server

Crossover cables, Straight through cables, 2t wics serial cables

I have CCNP 101 Labs and CCNP Lab Manual Official (33% percent done with route from C Bryant)

All the help the better, thanks for your time!!!


  • prtechprtech Member Posts: 163
    Set it up like how it is on the lab manual. You can use the 1841 with two wic-2t to set up a frame relay switch.
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