Question about performance based questions for A+ Certification

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Hi everyone,

I first want to say thanks to everyone who has given their support on these fourms. I have endeared a wealth of information here at techexams. With that being said I had a question about the performance based questions for the A+ certification. I am in the Marine Corps Reserves and I took a class on marinenet which is basically an online college for the Marines. They have a really good course for the new A+ certification 800 series. In the course they had a ton of performance base questions which were very helpful since the new tests are going to have some. My concern is the tests on Marine net are very picky about how you go through the steps and I'll give an example. One performance based question asks you to go through the steps to open up the task manager and end a process, seems easy enough right? Well I opened up task manager and "left clicked" the process I was told to end to highlight and select it. Well it marked the question wrong since I did "right click" it right away to select the "end process" from the menu. I knew you had to right click it to select the "end process" option but didn't think clicking it first to select the process would mark it wrong. My question is for anyone who has taken the new exam is if the real tests is that picky about it or if its just the course I am taking. I have a ton more examples if anyone wants more information. Thanks in advance.


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    I can perhaps shed a little light on the subject, thought I have not taken any comptia tests with performance based questions. I have run into simulators on computer based training software which were really nitpicky like that. The exams themselves (in this case for Cisco) did not have this kind of limitation. The way the online simulators are set up is much more simple, likely someone codes a very strict set of conditions and what you encounter is not a true simulation, but a very convincing Flash object in a web browser. The testing companies put a little more thought into the matter, and what they care about is the results, not necessarily the path you took to get there.

    Then again, I have never taken a comptia test with pbq's, but I would be surprised if they really were that inane as to disqualify you for left clicking an object first.

    Good luck
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    Welcome to the forums, Romper85.

    CompTIA doesn't share their grading criteria, so they are the only people that can say for sure. When you take CompTIA exams, you won't be told which questions you got right and which ones you got wrong. However, as a general rule, I'd say that the performance based questions in the CompTIA exams are not that picky about the order of completion. They are more focused on the end result.

    Good luck.

    As a general rule with all of the Performance b
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