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I know this has come up before elsewhere, but I cannot remember the conclusion and search doesn't like 3 letter words so much. I have a SSD 120gb in my system as my OS drive which currently holds my applications and OS. I have another 2 drives of different sizes and makes running a RAID 0 for my VMs. I feel this is a major waste of resources and am considering another 120gb SSD for my lab.

My question is if you guys think it is worth the money to buy another SSD or if I should just stick with the RAID? While the size mismatch means one drive has unpartitioned space, I would rather waste a resource than money. Will the performance be enough to justify a change or should I just let this one slide?



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    It's totally up to you whether the performance justifies the money. If you are not happy with the performance, it could. If you're content now, I don't see how it would.

    That being said, they key is that the SSD will only be a big improvement if you're running a lot of concurrent VMs, at least three. Assuming these are just lab VMs, I don't see why you'd need more than three powered on concurrently, so I really question if this justifies spending any money. My lab VMs are on an SSD, but I was running 5-8 concurrently for certain labs.
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    About7NarwhalAbout7Narwhal Member Posts: 761
    Well, I have been keeping my eyes open and see one for 89.99 after mail in rebate and thought it to be a good price. That said, if there is no need for the drive, I could probably get a bigger one for cheaper down the road if I wait. Thanks for the input. I will have to play around with my current one to see if there is any noticeable difference and go from there.
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    I faced a similar dilemma a while back, and decided to spend the money on a 256GB SSD for my lab. I'm glad I did, because the performance of the VMs is now very close to that of physical hardware. I admit that it's not necessary, but it makes working on scenarios so much more productive, as you don't have any frustrating pauses while you wait for an operation to complete. The way I decided to look at it was this; if it makes studying a less miserable experience, then I'm more likely to study, and therefore more likely to pass the exams. As such, you could make a case for it being an investment in your future.
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