just....cannot....handle.... capps.... zzzzzzzzz

did anyone else have major issues struggling through CAPPS material?
I'm literally falling asleep as I read, and there are at least two damned books (unity, presence) thanks to no OCG/FLG.

I don't do videos so that's not an option (plus that just means I have more time to sleep through!!!!)


  • aaron0011aaron0011 Member Posts: 330
    It's fairly simple material if you have CUC and CUP experience. I am using the Quick Reference Guide, INE and 1ExamAMonth videos.

    I have the exam booked for June 5th. Planning to knock it out of the park and finish CCNP Voice. Stay focused and good luck with your studies.
  • wintermute000wintermute000 Banned Posts: 172
    well thats my issue, I've little experience on either, just my luck but the 3 CUCM environment's I've been in / run, none of them used presence, and the one that used unity was unity v4 (whatever version came out same as CUCM4) and that was 3 years ago plus we never touched it aside from to add/delete mailboxes. Oh well
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