Security+ passed today!!! Sooo Happy!! Great day : )

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I just passed my Security+ exam today!!! 809 out of 900 I don’t know if this is a good score but I’m pleased with it. I used Darril’s book as my main study material and occasionally watched some of the Professor Messor videos. I currently work for the D.o.D. so I do many of the things outlined in the book which helped a little. I studied off and on for about two months which was too long; I found that over that amount of time (for me) I was starting to forget some of the finer details. Security+ test is based on a wealth of knowledge so there are a lot of details that matter. Like many people who took the test I got 6-7 performance questions straight away. These took the most time but flag them and go back to make sure your addressing everything being evaluated. I can’t say enough about Darril’s book, I have been on the forum a lot and sitting on the sidelines reading and watching hoping everything I read was true. I was very happy that it was. I was incredibly nervous and at times felt like I wasn’t going to pass, but there is more than enough time given which I used to go back and review all flagged questions and most others as well. Now, I’m trying to figure out what to do next, go backward and get the Network+ or forward towards Server+ or CASP any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Darril if you reading this let me know what books your written on these topics or what you think is best and I’ll work with that. Thanks everyone for posting your result, study guides and just general advice!


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    Congrats on the pass and welcome to posting on the forum!

    I think where you go from here depends mostly on what you do now at work and where you plan on going in the future. The A+ and Sec+ create a great base for you. If you must get a new cert it might be more beneficial to move away from CompTIA for your next venture and get a mid-level cert.

    Just an idea.
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    Congrats on your pass!
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    I hope to pass the Sec+ this year
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    Good job! Congrats!
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    The Net+ has some great material, either go for that or move up to CCNA.
    Good luck.
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    congrats! im fresh off the same feeling!
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    Which were the performance-based questions?
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    Congrats on pass!!!


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    Congratulations on the pass and glad to hear the book helped.
    T-pain wrote: »
    Darril if you reading this let me know what books your written on these topics or what you think is best and I’ll work with that.
    I've written several books but nothing on Server+ or CASP. I'm currently in the process of writing a Get Certified Get Ahead Network+ book and I do have some other Network+ material published.

    In my experience, I don't see that Server+ is valued very highly.

    The value of CASP is rising and DoD 8570 gives it equal credit to CISSP in some IAT and IAM levels. It doesn't have the same respect in the public sector but this may change over time. In comparison to many other certs, it's relatively new.

    The knowledge of Network+ is very valuable in just about any path you take. The A+, Network+, Security+ trio combined, provide a strong foundation of IT knowledge and because you have the A+ and Security+, I'd suggest you consider the Network+. While I'm saying that the Network+ knowledge is valuable, just studying it without planning to take the exam isn't the same. Knowing that you'll take the exam, you have "skin in the game" and it provides that extra motivation to ensure you cover all the objectives without skipping anything.

    Good luck on whatever path you take.
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    Just a note: Server+ is now a requirement to get certified to do warranty work on IBM xseries servers and Lenovo branded servers.
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    Congrats man! I know that feeling.
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