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Hi,Work have agreed for me to go on a installing Server 2012 (70-410) training course and the exam. Are any traing providers better than others, not worried about the cost as I'm not footing the bill :) but is it like Univerity? we can all have the same qualification, but "that University is much better, go for that person" situationcheersMarc


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    I've heard via a friend that firebrand training are pretty good. He was struggling with self taught learning so attended a course on exchange 2013. He passed both exams within a few days of each other which I think is pretty impressive.

    Firebrand Training UK | Accelerated IT, PMP and Prince2 Training
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    Global Knowledge is another good company. Always got good labsand/or Virtual machines to run through. I've done a Microsoft MCSE module a fair few years back there and recently a Cisco Contact centre course over a week, really intense course, trainer fantastic, Austrian guy who flew over from Dubai just to run the course.

    Cost wise they are pretty good, and they normally give away something or a discount.
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