Are these enuf to get ccna voice? what do i need to buy more to get ccna voice.

kp10tangkp10tang Member Posts: 30 ■□□□□□□□□□
I have followings:
1x CISCO2611XM Series Router 128DRAM/48Flash with CallManager Express 4.1 latest 12.4 IOS installed

2x CISCO2611XM Series Router 128DRAM/32Flash latest 12.4 IOS installed

2x WS-C2950-24 Advanced IOS 24 Port 10/100 Switch
1x WS-C3550-24-SMI Layer 3 Switch with latest Enhanced EMI Image, Multi Layer IP 24 Port 10/100

Do I need to buy FSX cards stuff like that?

Please let me know what I need to purchase.

thank you.


  • megatran808megatran808 Member Posts: 53 ■■■□□□□□□□
    i thhink you need to run cucm and cuc on a server to get familiar with the menus and capabilities. You can get demo licenses from cisco. You can run it in vmware workstation on your desktop but keep in mind it needs to be an intel platform for cucm or cuc to install. Not AMD.
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  • DexterParkDexterPark Member Posts: 121
    I agree with Megatran, you will need to play around a bit to get comfortable with CUCM.

    Get an ESXi server and run a few VM's for:

    CUCM, Unity Connection, and CUPS.

    Aside from that you need:

    1x ISR router like a 2800 series (for CME)

    1x POE switch

    2x Cisco IP Phones

    In my opinion 2600 series are obsolete. GNS3 works just as well and is free. Only buy switches and ISR routers because they can't be emulated.
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