Now the hard part......

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So I officially sat for the paper based version of the CISSP yesterday..... To be honest it wasn't quite as bad as I was thinking (in relations to the length of time) I seemed to get a pretty good pace and just trotted along, before I knew it I was done. Made two more passes to check over everything and waalllla finished.

Now for the long dreaded wait for the results..... Hopefully I don't drive myself too crazy waiting for the results...

I forgot to ask the proctors yesterday about the notification, is this done by mail or email?


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    It is done by email. Good luck.
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    Sorry, new too the forum...I assume you are talking about the CISSP, right? Good luck!

    I am writing the CISSP test soon. Kind of anxious/nervous about it but you seem to make look as if you were well prepared for it! What were your study plan, material, etc? I have heard/read a few test takers say a lot about how the questions were tricky/etc. Based on your most recent experience, so, if you don't mind sharing, were the questions similar to most of the ones you practiced/found in the text/online/etc? Did you see any questions that were like a close repeat of your practice/available questions.

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    Yes i sat for the CISSP; I suppose I should have stated that, I forget this forum covers SSCP as well, my apologies. I read two books, Shon Harris Eric Conrad's book, plus went to training camps boot camp.

    The questions you will find in any of the books are going to simply do one thing test your knowledge of the material you just read. The CISSP exam is testing your understanding of the material so the vernacular that you study with will be different than what you see on the test. There were plenty of times I was looking for a key word and did not get one so I had to play out scenarios in my head or draw out diagrams to see what the question is really asking.

    I am by no means a newbie to Infosec but I really feel like there is no way I could have passed this without attending boot camp (of course I'm not in the clear yet). My instructor pointed out many things that I needed to look out for which really helped on the test. The bad thing that my whole class kept doing was looking at scenarios biased; often people would answer a question according to the way they operate in their industry (ex. Bank, corporate, government and so on).

    I suggest you start reading all you can and if budget permits take a boot camp.
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    Good luck man! I decided to squeeze in the CCENT before going for the CISSP. I'll take that in two weeks, then begin studying for the CISSP. I probably won't be lucky enough to go to a boot camp, but I don't think I'll need it.

    Other than the length, did you find it all the much more difficult than the CASP?
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    You can tell that there is only a few authors for the CASP questions perhaps less since there is a common style that the questions are worded. Where the CISSP every single question is a volunteers submission (in other words there could very well be 250 authors) so I would say the level of knowledge is similar however the wording can often be extremely tricky.
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    da_vato wrote: »
    Where the CISSP every single question is a volunteers submission (in other words there could very well be 250 authors)
    That's not quite true for the (ISC)2 exam items. There is a single panel of SMEs that research and write the exam items. People do periodically rotate on and off this panel, but there is also a quality control team that has a final say on each exam item before it is released to production. It is the (ISC)2 practice exams where you could possibly, but unlikely, have 250 items with a different author for each.
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    I was just conveying what was told to me by an actual ISC2 employee this weekend and after taking the test it really made sense since the questions definitely had different writing styles. So my apologies if I misunderstood and put out incorrect info.
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    Good day to all,

    You are both right and wrong icon_smile.gif

    Existing CISSP's can submit questions to be included into the exam and this would give you CPE's as well.

    However, the questions as mentioned above will be vetted by the Exam Review Committee before they will be accepted for inclusion within the exam. The questions are also looked at and analyze by psychometric experts. Then the questions will be presented within candidate exams to see how well they are performing. Once all of this has been done they will be added to the exam.

    So it is true that questions are coming from hundreds of candidates, however it is not easy to make it through all of the steps.

    Only a few certification bodies have such a detailed process.

    Best regards to all

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