When is it the right time to take TSHOOT?

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If someone studies like crazy, does well on their ROUTE exam, then studies like crazy, does well on their SWITCH exam, how long would a person normally wait to take the TSHOOT? Isn't it just basically TSHOOT and ROUTE information and if you have been extensively labbing during your studies, you can just take the TSHOOT without studying?
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    You shouldn't have to wait long at all. I personally waited 2 weeks. You will need a methodical approach to solving the tickets as to ensure you don't run out of time. That said, if you are solid with SWITCH/ROUTE topics you should be fine. I bought Boson Ex-Sim Max which was a great resource to practice tickets. I also re-created most of the TSHOOT topology in GNS3.
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    The right time to take TSHOOT is after you make sure that for every technology utilized in the TSHOOT topology, you have a verification method. (That is, a way to verify that it is working correctly.) Whether it be the interfaces, the routing protocols, the addressing, etc.

    1. The tip above about making the entire TSHOOT topology in GNS3 is a solid one (wish I had done that). It is a VERY good idea, that will make the test a LOT easier.

    2. Another thing is to watch the BullsEye TSHOOT videos by Kevin Wallace:




    Here is my post where I told how I passed TSHOOT:


    Hope this helps!
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    I wouldn't wait more than a couple of weeks. I think going through the topology beforehand is a must. Great review by instant!
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    I wouldn't wait more than a couple of weeks. I think going through the topology beforehand is a must. Great review by instant!

    This. I took mine at the first opportunity after Route (and about 2 years after switch (was BCMSN then)). I did little revision for it (think I flicked through the first chapter or 2 of the official guide) and passed. You want to be familiar with your route material.
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    If you did well in both ROUTE and SWITCH, then I would take TSHOOT right away. It's not hard at all if you know some basic troubleshooting and the material in ROUTE and SWITCH.
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    I know people who have taken SWITCH and TSHOOT on the same day. I don't think I'll do that, but I plan on taking TSHOOT within a week or two of finishing SWITCH.
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    I took mine the day after Switch and didn't miss a question. I had no additional materials for TSHOOT. I only bought Switch&route materials and took Tshoot immediately afterwards with only looking at the bullseye tshoot tips on youtube.

    Go for it!!
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    I took mine the same day as the ROUTE exam. If you know the ROUTE and SWITCH material well, there's nothing more to study. Of course, if you waited six months between exams and didn't review you may be in some trouble!

    It does help if you take a day to understand and lab-up the TSHOOT topology.
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    I took 1 month between the ROUTE and the TSHOOT.
    I read the entire Official Certification TSHOOT book and found alot of good information in chapter 1 and 2, but the rest is all review.
    Definitely study the Official topology as others have said.
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