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I am pavan , i did my B.tech in CS, i dont have any IT experience,, as i am a fresher i did 2 certifications on Windows server 2012 70-410 and 70-411,... after completing these certifications which will be better for me to get my first job... Vmware vcp or CCNA which will be a better option for me,,,, actually i am interested in Cyber Security,,, plz suggest me what step i have to take...


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    Hi and welcome!Those are three different certifications, what exactly do you want to get into? Security is very broad, in order to provide some useful advice a little more info would be great. Also, look around the forums because a lot of people ask about this question and there already are some great tips.
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    Like above, that sounds more like a Sys Admin JOAT preparation.
    Id say first of all get your first job. I would say a NOC makes more sense security wise than a regular help desk.

    Cyber security is a very broad term.
    There are a lot of disciplines inside it.
    What type of security field you want to do?

    PS. there are a lot of threads about security paths, a good search on the forums helps
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    If you don't have any experience, go for CCNA. CCNA is probably the best cert for getting your foot in the door. Nobody is going to start you in virtualization. It just doesn't happen. VCP is a great certification, and definitely in growing demand. But most organizations/companies are going to want you to have a background as a Sys Admin or Routing and Switching guy, before they'll let you touch their virtual infrastructure.

    Same is true of security certs... Its probably not going to help you get your first job, because you aren't going to start in security.
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