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What does the command do
ip default-network

Can Anybody please explain me the idea of default gateway properly


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    This command is used on EIGRP default routing.

    The idea of a "default gateway" is a route that matches all packets, so, in the case of not having a more specific (better prefix) route for a certain destination, it will be matched by this default route then forwarded to the next hop.
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    In times since past, routers were known as gateways. This is because they separate one network from another, or broadcast domains. When a computer wants to send information to another computer, it performs ANDing logic between the destination IP and its own IP. This way it determines if the destination is on another network or not. If ANDing tells the computer it is on another network, then the computer will send the packet to its configured default gateway. Which, again, is just a router that is separating one network from another.
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    Short answer, the IP default-network command uses the route to a classful network as the default route. Generally this would be a route in your edge block that is advertised through a routing protocol. It is most often used with EIGRP which does not have a default-information originate command, although there are other ways to advertise a default network.

    Longer answer: Default routing options | Route, Switch, Blog
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    Not to hi-jack OP..

    ip default-gateway - should essentially allow you to set your gateway?

    ex. ip default-gateway

    I run a sh running-config but don't notice any changes. I'm having difficulty pinging PC from Router, but not from PC to router. Firewall allows ICMPv4 access.
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