Does anybody know how the questions are weighted?

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Does anybody know how the questions are weighted? I'm trying to figure out how far away I am from passing.


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    US/English/Imperial units, so pounds instead of kilograms. You may need to do a conversion depending on your test location.

    As for point value, no. And it's different for every exam so they can normalize the scores:
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    Great link. And it's not just MS. Most of the major providers use non-linear, scaled scoring systems the details of which are kept private. No one here can tell you how a given question or set of questions will affect your score.

    However, Microsoft does give a breakdown of how much an impact each topic is a part of. For example, see the Skills Measured section of 70-640. Unfortunately, this practice started with the Vista-era certifications, and it is not published for the 2003 certifications. On that note, I should point out the 70-291 retires in July, so if you are pursuing MCSA or MCSE, you had best be nearly ready to finish and quite strong on all topics. There just isn't time to try to strategically master sections or anything like that. You need to know your stuff and know it now if you want to finish before August.
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