10 year Army Vet, career change to IT profession...

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Hey everyone, I'm on track to be discharged from the Army within a year and thankfully the VA has set me up with a path to a new career.. Today will be the start of training to complete my A+ cert, along with this certifications to follow: NETWORK+, SECURITY+, WIN7, AND ITIL v3. Working on the notion that I complete ALL of these certifications, what jobs should I target since I have NO experience in the IT field??


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    You want to look at Help Desk type stuff. What area in IT interests you?
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    Entry level PC repair and Help Desk.
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    Im not sure yet but I do enjoy the hardware repair aspect of IT.
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    I'm in the Army as well, but the IT field is my current MOS. If I were you, I would try to apply for a GS position. What type of work experience do you have in the military? Is it the tech side or more of like field work? www.usajobs.com is a good place to look. Even Security Clearance Jobs - ClearanceJobs.com if you have a current security clearance. For GS positions, ex-military resumes go to the top of the list, so that is a help. Do you have a degree? You could even try AGR. They hire you as a GS position, but you will still do the once a month training and If they deploy, so will you.

    Well, Im currently a Medic so really no background in the IT field. Thanks for the idea of a GS position but I want to really enjoy being out of the service and that includes not working with or around military..lol
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    I totally understand that. Only recommended that route because it's any easy way to get your foot in the door. It would be a great start if you can get an IT GS position. You would get all the hands on training you need to get more valued certifications, free classes and training (even mandatory classes... ie. ITIL Foundations), and vouchers so you can take the exams for free. The DoD offers CCNA, Certified Ethical Hacker, CISSP, and many other classes for free and they will give you a voucher to take the exam for free at the end of your class. Trust me, I don't want to do anything involving anything military when I get out, but atleast you would get decent pay, benefits, housing, and great job experience. Not start out at a low paying help desk job for a couple of years. Not to mention all the references you can add to your resume
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    Are you planning to stay in the islands when you get out? And where are you going for your training? How about formal education plans?
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