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I've been off and in in the I.T industry for a few years my last I.T job was 2 years ago. I have 2 classes left at a local community college to obtain a certificate as a "PC/Repairman network technician". However I tried to enroll at WGU and got denied because I didn't pass my writing test now I'm wanting to go back because the degree program at the technical college in my area requires you to travel here and there to take a class and the way my work schedule is It would take another 4 years to obtain just a associates degree. Should I try enrolling again at WGU or just do what I can with the technical college in my area. I'm not making excuses for not finishing school and what not I just need your opinions on what would you do.

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    If you are wanting to obtain your bachelors in IT, then I would definitely recommend that you go the WGU route. Take your time with the writing test, and maybe practice writing a few essays beforehand if you're rusty since high school.
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    A four-year degree is of course much better than an associate's degree. Since communication skills are important in this industry, consider taking a writing class at your college or online, to get to the point that you can write a short paper on a topic.
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    I am currently enrolled at WGU and one thing that i have noticed is that you won't need the writing skills for every class but when you do, they will be the blessing in disguise.

    As mentioned, it may be better if you took even one english class at your JC to help build up your skill level. Once you feel confident enough to take the written test again, then take it to see if you get in.
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    Your "certificate" is probably worth less than the paper it is printed on so pursue a degree path or sure.
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