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I think it is cool to tour a data center, and most interviews will give you a tour if it goes well...

but do you ever ask for a tour? I always just wait and see if they ask me, I assume if I interviewed well they will show me around
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  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    Mike-Mike wrote: »
    I assume if I interviewed well they will show me around

    Same here. If they want you to see the facility they will show you around. I wouldn't ask personally unless it seemed to be going extremely well.
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  • veritas_libertasveritas_libertas Member Posts: 5,746 ■■■■■■■■■■
    I've yet to interview at a place that doesn't show you around. I would consider it a little strange if they didn't, unless it was a long distance interview or a government facility.
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    I wouldn't ask but I have been offered. I had a walk through of the data center at my current position on the 3rd interview and met the staff as well. But I tend to agree with the others, if they want you to see, they will show you.
  • boobobobobobboobobobobob Member Posts: 118
    I've been offered tours after the 2nd or 3rd interview before. But I have never asked for one, expecially during the first interview. I almost assume they'll be having someone come in right after i'm done with my interview.
  • NetworkVeteranNetworkVeteran Member Posts: 2,338 ■■■■■■■■□□
    but do you ever ask for a tour?
    I can't recall every asking without being offered one.

    I mostly ask for things that would impact whether or not I would accept the job.
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    I would not ask.
    You may not get hired and they may not want to show everyone their environment, DC, NOC room etc.
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    I recently had an applicant get upset because we had shown him the datacenter and he felt that this meant we were leading him on. (He was not hired.)
  • kj0kj0 Member Posts: 767
    My last interview I got shown around, was a really good interview. But, they never called me back (I think I was asking a little too much for salary). I did feel a little lead on - only because of the detail he went into when showing me around, some of it he shouldn't have shown to outsiders that didn't work there.
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    Never been offered one at interview.
  • VAHokie56VAHokie56 Member Posts: 783
    I would say just use common since and your judgement...if you just just took a **** in my technical interview, I most likely just want to thank you for coming and focus on my next candidate. If you are hitting it out of the ball park and the interview turned more towards us just shooting the sh*t about the projects and tech we have worked with then I want to show you my toys. I think as the person being interviewed you can pick up on this vibe, so just know when to hold em and know when to fold em icon_thumright.gif

    Edit: and to more answer your question, I have never asked to see a data center at an interview and have been shown the ones that where local to where I was interviewing on my second time back to meet with the team.
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  • Mike-MikeMike-Mike Member Posts: 1,860
    To bring my old thread back....

    i have never asked to see one either, but I have been shown them, and got a pretty detailed tour but still didn't receive the job
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    Usually I don't get shown around because they are government data centers. Often the interviews are at hotels since it is just easier than clearing someone for a day.

    I did have a boss in the private sector who showed me around. I took it as a great sign and did get offered the job. I later learned he just loved showing off his work so much that he showed everyone around no matter how poor the interview went.
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  • Mike-MikeMike-Mike Member Posts: 1,860
    Now that I think about it, at my current job, I didn't get a tour, even though I did get the job
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