Passec Security+ 5/28!

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Passed today with an 846/900. Got 3 performance questions and 91 multiple choice. As a WGU student I get several resources provided for me, but I chose to ignore those and buy Darril's book instead after reading all the positive feedback here. Was definitely a smart call! I read Darril's book over 5 days then watched about 5 hours of Professor Messer's videos on topics I wasn't 100% on. I went over Darril's practice questions and re-read all of the "Remember this" portions of Darril's book the night before my test. All in all, took me about 10 days.

Now I'm shooting for CCENT and CCNA before 9/30. My rough goal is 4 weeks on CCENT and 8 weeks on CCNA since my last 9 certs have been under 2 weeks each(studying 15-25 hours a week). Should I consider doing the Network+ before my CCENT? I'm a WGU Network Administration student and the Network+ isn't part of my degree plan, so I'd have to pay out of pocket for it. I've completed 27 units (and 9 certs) since February 1st, so I'm confident I could knock out the Net+ in 7-10 days, but I'm not sure if that time would be better spent on fast tracking my CCNA. I do not currently work in a strict IT role, so I'm also looking to pickup a more IT focused job in the near future to get 9-12 months experiece as I finish my degree. I'm curious if the Network+ would help me land a job faster or if the CCNA would be more than adequate. I have noticed the Network+ on a lot of entry level position requirements.


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    First off, Congratulations! Nice score.
    Secondly, the Net+ is a great cert. I learned a ton from it.
    It is definitely a good primer for the CCENT and CCNA. You can knock it out in a month or less with the right book.
    When I did it a few years ago, I used the Exam Cram book and Mike Meyers' book.
    Now, they've added a few simulator type questions, so look into that.

    As for whether or not it would help you get a job, I am guessing that by the time you add the CCNA and the bachelor's degree, no one will miss the Net+ on your resume.

    Either way, Good luck on whatever is next.
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    Congrats on the pass. I would definitely go towards CCNA vs. Net+ because Cisco will get more looks plus you learning the material already in CCENT. Keep us posted on your development.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif

    Good luck on next exam
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    Two thumbs up!!
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    Congrats on the pass. Great score, especially after 10 days of studying - glad to hear the book helped.

    SharkDiver is on target with his advice.

    - From a learning perspective, the Network+ is very valuable and if you do it before the CCENT and CCNA, you'll find it makes things simpler.

    - From a resume/job perspective, if you have a bachelor's degree and a CCNA, the Network+ isn't needed.

    Good luck.
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