70-271 passed 966/1000

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Background, Former CIO for Fortune 500's, 20+ years with computers, EE who designed uProcessors holding three US patents. I currently operate a Regional Technology Firm (pc-plususa.com)

Network+ 2002/2005, Server+ 2001/2005, Security+ certified. CompTIA test and training guide developer and Network+ SME.

My 1st usoft cert attempt today with the 70-271 test; 966/1000 score. Got
into a debate on Wednesday about the difficulty of certs and bet a friend
that I could pass the test without prep. Deal was if I pass he pays and I
pay if I fail. Scheduled for two days later (Friday).

As for the exam. The distractors were weak and led to many successful answers by process of elimination. 61 questions 2:02 to complete. I know the question I missed once I saw the score report summary (silly check the box answer on DNS).

Anyway, if you have used XP for a while (Power user) then bone up on NTFS, TCP/IP settings and Remote access and you can do it too! As for training, I've had good luck with Sybex and Thompson materials when I do training for others.

Good Luck


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