Passed, 5-29

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Passed this morning with an 885, read every page of Darril's book, about half of Prof Messer's vids, and took every practice test I could google up.

Simulation questions were the same as others have said.. Look over the logs, match controls with mobile device and server, match diagrams of attacks with name of attacks, configure firewall rules, match protocols with ports, configure WAP...

I've configured hundreds of WAPs, but never in Enterprise mode, so finding some of the information based on the servers given threw me a bit. I've also configured hundreds of Sonicwall firewalls, and was overthinking the firewall configuration sim... I sometimes need to remember some of the info given can be ignored.

Multiple choice questions were similar to all the sample questions out there.

I really enjoyed Darril's book.. explained many things in ways that just made sense and fit together with my experiences. Prof Messer's vids are also top notch.

Overall I studied several hours a night for the first week, plus several slow days at work.. took a week off, then went over all the chapter reviews last night. I already had my Net+ from back in 2001, and have been in the IT field since 2000, but not directly security related.. so most of the material was already familiar. I had just never been in the situation to put it all together, and Darril's book did that for me. icon_cool.gif


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    Great score.
    So, what's next?
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    Edit: thought about it, here are the two things I want to learn...

    Will probably work toward the CCENT as I want to learn some Cisco basics.. CCNA if I like it and can get someone to pay for it.. *grin

    I also haven't played with Linux in a long time... so I may start studying some Linux+ materials... may never take the test, but I would like to get back at least a basic working knowledge.

    I get neither of these in my current job, and both should help if I move on in the next year or two...
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif

    Good luck on your next exam
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    Congratulations on your pass!!
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    Congratulations. Great score and glad to hear the book helped.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do next.
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