It is Official: Now CISSP!

joebannyjoebanny Member Posts: 84 ■■□□□□□□□□
I just got my good news like 10 mins ago, I am now officially CISSP!

I reported passing the exam on Friday April 26th. I started the endorsement procedure the following week. Unfortunately the individual who was to help me with the process did not touch it for 2 weeks.

I finally got fed up and reach out to another CISSP in my organization and he submitted to ISC(2) just over the following weekend!

So he submitted May 19th, received confirmation from ISC(2) on Monday May 20th, asked to submitted a signed agreement same day which I had missed out!

Today, May 29th, got my good news! So (not counting Monday -memorial day,) it took 7 biz days.

Now my job prospects joy got better! See you at the top!



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