Any Lync experts?

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My boss wants the following, but I am not sure it is possible with out a bit of configuration. Plus I am a network not microsoft admin but have got dragged in to it.

Basically we have 3 rooms that we want to use for presenting between sites, each has a PC with Lync client, and a AD user account that is set up as room resources to log on to the PC/Client.

The Idea is that people can book the book the rooms via outlook calendar so we can centrally manage the resources. So hear are the questions.

1. Each meeting should be in its own unique meeting room ID, this is set by the user who creates the meeting, so I assume the best way to do this is to have a shared central calendar that has its own Lync account and users are given the rights to create meetings on its behalf?

2. is it possible to set up a lync client to automatically join a meeting in its calendar with out any user intervention? What would be nice is if the client PC's could see in there calendar that they are invited to a meeting and with out user assistance join in the meeting with some default settings?

3. lastly when I was setting up Lync I remember setting up subnets for internal users, but I can't remember where this was it needed to be done, i just know one subnet is not working right :)

Any help on the above would be great, I really want to get it sorted so I can get on with network stuff ;)

Cheers guys.
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