Utica College Cyber Security Programs

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Anyone familiar with Utica's programs? I'm looking into their MS in Cyber Security with a concentration in Digital Forensics. I spoke with one alum who did the BS program and is now working at Booz Allen Hamilton. He said two others from his graduating class are now with the FBI in support positions. I know some of the instructors there are very well known in their respective fields (i.e. Jeff Bardin), but I'd like to hear from a few more people about their experiences before I go ahead and apply.


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    I dont know much about Utica College, but I had a friend attend SUNY IT (aka SUNY Utica). She loved the school and is working as a Malware Analyst now.

    The big difference I see between the schools is tuition. UC will run you 30K+ per year for tuition alone, while SUNY IT will run in the range of 5-6K. Although the SUNY system is sorely lacking in online options.

    Also, for anyone wondering, the SUNY prefix designates a state school: State University of New York.
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