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Hello All

Just thought I would let you know I passed my 70-417 exam yesterday. I managed to get a 900 which is taken from my lowest score which was from the 70-412 section. Managed to get a 925 in both of the other sections. I am happy with this score as I have been using Server 2012 since it was in beta (Windows 8 Server), I have installed it in production at work, and spent just over a month studying the material for the exam. The first couple of weeks was touch and go, but the last few weeks I was studying everyday.

To prepare for this exam, I used the MSPress book. IMO I didn't think the book was enough on it's own and frequently visited Technet (Windows Server 2012 | Technical Documentation, Download, Install, Deploy | TechNet), and even digged through my Server 2008 resource kit on certain topics I don't cover everyday such as NAP. My past studying for server 2008 exams and general working experience served me well in the exam.

I did a lot of labbing with 2 Server 2012 VMs, 1 Server 2008 VM, and 1 Windows 8 VM. I would make sure that anybody going for this exam covers all the new functionality WELL! The ones that stand out the most to me is DAC (Lab this as much as possible to understand the concept and steps of configuration), Hyper-V new features, IPAM, and DirectAccess.

Check out the Windows Server 2012 Upgrade Jump Start videos, if you are a bit fresh to server 2012 and in need of an overview:

Well I am going to move on to 70-413, but just in the background of my ICND2 640-816 studies for now. I want to catch ICND2 before 640-816 is retired in September. I have the MSpress book for 70-413 (Which by MSpress standards is quite thin), so I am guessing there will be a lot of references to web links etc. I will probably spend a couple of days a week going through this at first, until I get my ICND2 out of the way which now has the majority of my attention.

Good luck to all going for this exam!




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    Congratulations!!! Which MCSE you are pursuing?
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    Another congrats as well!

    He seems to be pursuing the Server Infrastructure one by the looks of things.
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    Thank you very much both!

    Yes as Essendon said I am going for Server Infrastructure.
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    Thank you sir!!
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    and thank you sir!!
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    Congrats! Feels like the year of the 2012 upgrades.
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    You may learn something!
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    Congrats on your pass!
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    Thank you guys, I appreciate all of your support!!
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